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Welcome To The Diebel Legacy Fund

Our Fund Mission:

 "The mission of the Diebel Legacy Fund (DLF) is to promote and guide the development of medical students into physicians who are acutely aware of the Good Samaritan concept and the many needs of the less fortunate in our society.  This is accomplished through an innovative program developed by the DLF in conjunction with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine in the form of student-run, attending-physician supervised clinics.  Additionally, is to support carefully selected local organizations dedicated to helping those in need through providing both acute and ongoing care to the medically under-served in Central Florida.


The vision of The Diebel Legacy Fund is a community where Good Samaritan acts are the rule, rather than the exception.

The mission of the Diebel Legacy fund is to recognize, honor and perpetuate the concept of the Good Samaritan and to assist in the development of future physicians who share this passion.

Our Story 





The Diebel Legacy Fund is pleased to provide underwriting to Shepherd’s Hope.  This faith-based organization of volunteers provides uninsured patients access to free healthcare.  Shepherd’s Hope relies on the extensive collaborations with hospitals and diagnostic partners, faith partners, community referral organizations and specialty care providers for resources that support their efforts.  (More...)

The KNIGHTS (Keeping Neighbors In Good Health Through Service) Clinic is coordinated by medical students at UCF COM and staffed by student and physician volunteers from all areas of study, including medical, nursing, undergraduate, and graduate students, working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community collaborators and under the guided supervision of licensed practitioners. We serve Orlando and neighboring communities through direct health care services, health promotion, disease prevention, social support, case management, and appropriate referrals to medical and social resources in the community.  (More)...